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Rachael Shock and and Graham Eden a.k.a Brain Bashers have are world renowned hard house DJ's and producers with over 100 successful records on their infamous Shock Records label. They are major conttributors to the UK hard house sound including acheivements such being signed to Tidy with their chart topping "Brain Bashers - Do it now" and also featured on many tidy singles with their remix skills.

Their DJ career has led them to some of the best clubs in the world,  headlining many club nights and raves with close connections in USA and Canada,Australia, Europe, South Africa, Hong Kong and China.

They had full support from the late legendery Tony De Vit who championed their records in his DJ sets and on his radio shows helping them establish Shock as innovators of the UK hard house sound.

Their DJ skills haved rocked every major dance event with their bouncy and tough hard house energy sound including 

Sundissential (Leeds)

Insomniacz (Sheffield)

Cheeky Little Monkey (Bournemouth)

Compulsion (Manchester)

The Monastery (Torquay)

Country Club (yeovil)

Claires (Torquay)

Hindsight (Exeter)

The Temple Theatre (Dublin)

Hippo Club & Bionic (Cardiff)

Rachael and Graham have had their tracks signed to over 50 major CD compilations including Hard House Euphoria (Lisa Lashes), many Trade Albums , Keep it Tidy ,Tody International ,  Miss Moneypennys , Kiss Mix , and Nukleuz hard house anthems totalling millions of sales globally.

They have completed many remixes and guested on some of the biggest labels in the industry including Tidy Trax, Phoenix Uprising, Friction Burns, Fast Moving, Alien Trax and Truelove Records collaborating with some of the UK's biggest names like Rachel Auburn, Tidy Boys, Baby doc and SJ, BK, Friction Burns,Jon the Dentist, Jon ”OO” Fleming and many more. They also remixed 'Space' with their chart topping single 'Avenging Angels 'which reached No.6 in the UK charts.


With their years of DJ'ing at so many clubs and dance events they have played with many iconic DJ’s it would be impossible to list them all but here is a selection and i’m sure you will see more on the flyers on the FLYERS page! :-  Tidy Boys , BK , Ian M , Anne Savage , 12” Thumpers  , DJ Sy , Billy Bunter ,  Pete Wardman , Andy Farley , Paul Glazby , Lisa Pin pin up , Lisa lashes , Paul King , Graham Gold . Chris C , Cally and Juice , Brian M , DJ Brisk , Force and Styles (Darren Styles) .  Sharkey ,  Vinyl Groover , Scorpio , ilogik , Jon the Dentist , Stimulant DJ,s , Ingo, Lee Haslam , Amber D ,Nick Rafferty  Simon Eve , Jon Doe , Ben & Mike McGowan , Steve Thomas , Ed Real and Mark E.G and even in the early days LTJ Bukem and Conrad and Grooverider.


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