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The history of Shock Records....

Shock Records was created in 1995 by ourselves Graham Eden & Rachael Shock (a.k.a the Brain Bashers) . Our first record was written . produced by us and then mastered at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London . The Master plate was sent to the pressing plant and pressed to 12" vinyl  and then sent to Mo’s Music Machine in London for distribution to all the shops in the UK.


As soon as (Shock1 - Shock Waves - Need and Want ya) was released it immediately became a success on the club circuit.  Hot on its heels we released  Brain Bashers - Feel the Rush and this record became even more successful with support from the legendary Tony De Vit . We had the pleasure and honour of meeting Tony at Claires Nightclub (run by Mike and Ben McGowan) in our hometown of Torquay and gave him our record personally just before his DJ set. The following week Tony contacted us and said he wanted to license “Feel the Rush” to a mix album called “Trade Volume 3” featuring a CD of NRG house tracks mixed by Tony. We was so excited about this as we was keen fans of the famous “Trade sound” at Turnmills nightclub London .We drew much inspiration from tracks played by Tony De Vit , Taul Paul, Steve Thomas , Pete Wardman ,Ian M and Rachel Auburn which was an energetic , pumping and bouncy house sound. Tony supported all of our records on his radio shows on Kiss FM ,in  his DJ sets and through his signings to many of his CD’s . We really couldn’t have thanked Tony enough for giving our music his stamp of approval and also giving our record label profile and music such a big boost. Tony was an amazing and legendary DJ . Sadly Tony passed away in 1998 rest in peace and god bless.


PHOTO  (Rachael Shock and Tony De Vit)                                                            PHOTO (Graham Eden - Tony De Vit - Rachael Shock)
















We were the longest running resident DJ’s for the legendary Monastery nightclub  in Torquay and over the next few years built a big fan base of regular clubbers into the NRG  bouncy house sound . Clubbers would travel from all over the south west to experience “The Mony” which was the only all night venue in the south west . We remember many full capacity nights full of mad clubbers  dancing up until 7am on the sunday morning!  We sold thousands our Editions and Volumes Mix tapes over the years (I think we mixed a total 60 tapes) to the very loyal monastery clubbers and still today we get requests for copies!

















Globally our record sales went from strength to strength and with their success we were being booked up for DJ sets all over the country and the world with promoters and clubbers wanting the Brain Bashers sound. We have completed tours of Australia and Canada , South Africa and China and have played many clubs in Hong Kong and USA (including studio 54 Las Vegas)   We have played large outdoot & indoor rave events , big clubnights such as Sundissential , Cheeky Little Monkey , Full Tilt @ Claires , Bionic  Cardiff .  CLICK HERE FOR FLYERS


Over the years we have been signed up to many UK and international CD albums (please see our album cover links above) which to date have sold millions of copies worldwide. Having our  “Brain Bashers”  tracks on these CD’s was a real buzz for us and inspired us to keep on releasing more records. We produced and released two CD compilations of our best tracks called Shock Volume 1 and 2  which were also sold globally . USA based major company called Majestic Records based in Los Angeles signed up and mirrored our first artist album and promoted and released a “Brain Bashers” CD album in the USA and Canada  (Please scroll to bottom of page to see promo flyer)




Shock Records rofile increased with support from  from many established DJ’s including radio play on Kiss FM (Pete Wardman , Tony De Vit , Brandon Block Graham Gold) and Radio 1 ( Dave Pearce and Judge Jules) and many more radio station UK and Worldwide.



Tidy Trax is one of our favourite record labels and we were most excited to be asked to remix tracks for Tidy Trax. We remixed  Angel Deluxe ‘I Wanna Be With You’ and The Originator ‘Give it all you Got’ . Amadeus MOzart and Andy Pickles then signed  “Do it now’ from us and itbecame our biggest selling track and reached number 2 in the dance charts an number 55 in the national charts. 




We have played live on many radio stations in many countries including a live mix for Derek the Bandit  on 5FM South Africa , Dance FM Australia , Canada and the UK.



BELOW - Rachael Shock                                                                                                   USB ALBUM Cover





















We have had the pleasure  in working and collaberating with some of the best producers and DJ’s in the business including


John Truelove  (candi staton and the force "You got the love")  Truelove Music - Publisher for Shock Records

Tidy Boys

Paul Janes

Baby Doc and SJ

Paul Glazby

Friction Burns

Rachel Auburn

Jon the Dentist

Jon ”OO” Fleming

Max Alien Thing

Lee Pasch

Shane Morris  and Ollie Jaye

and you will see many of their names as remixers on our shock records back catalogue.


We also have DJ'd at so many clubs and dance events with so many iconic DJ’s it would be impossible to list them all but here is a selection and i’m sure you will see more on the flyers on the FLYERS page! :-  Tidy Boys , BK , Ian M , Anne Savage , 12” Thumpers  , DJ Sy , Billy Bunter ,  Pete Wardman , Andy Farley , Paul Glazby , Lisa Pin pin up , Lisa lashes , Paul King , Graham Gold . Chris C , Cally and Juice , Brian M , DJ Brisk , Force and Styles (Darren Styles) .  Sharkey ,  Vinyl Groover , Scorpio , ilogik , Jon the Dentist , Stimulant DJ,s , Ingo, Lee Haslam , Amber D ,Nick Rafferty  Simon Eve , Jon Doe , Ben & Mike McGowan , Steve Thomas , Ed Real and Mark E.G and even in the early days LTJ Bukem and Conrad and Grooverider  and many many more!


USA Album launch poster:-


























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